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How to Install Tempered Glass Shower Door

Changing your old shower curtain with a sliding tempered glass shower  door is a modest project that only takings a few hours from jump to  finish. Adding a tempered glass shower door or shower panels can  modernize the appearance of your bathroom and switch the shower curtain  with a cool to clean tempered glass. Glass bath showers make any  bathroom look larger, and glass lets more natural light into the space.  Once you have measured your shower area and selected an appropriate  tempered glass shower door, follow these modest setting up steps.


Frameless Sliding Bypass Shower Door


Take  away the shower curtain and rod from the bathroom tub area and fold the  shower door and hardware together. Read all safety guidelines that come  with the shower door and the gears you'll be using.

Set up the lowest shower door track.  Measure the lip of the bath tub from each wall to limit the length of  track you necessity to set up, afterward measuring, use a hacksaw to cut  the appropriate track length to fit your tub. This will clamp the glass  shower panes.  Install a sealing adhesive to the lip of the tub directly in the center  to guarantee a stable track fit for the shower screen. Place the cut  shower door track directly onto the caulking glue and press down firmly.  Use a damp fabric to wipe away any sealing that drips from beneath the  track. When you have placed the bottom shower door track, use two to  three pieces of masking tape to grip the track in place as it  desiccates. It is significant to have the tracks in place, so that the  shower doors will open and close easily.

Base the side channels.  Place the shower door side channels onto all walls framing the shower.  Use a level to make assured that the side channels are totally vertical.  This must be careful or the shower door will not hang right. Spot the  screw holes with a pencil where the channels award to the wall.If you  have ceramic tiles on your bath wall, you will need to drill holes you  have marked with a masonry drill. A masonry tool bit is slighter than  the screw, since it needs to go through subtle tile. For fiberglass  shower stands, use a brad point bit bit to reduce waterworks or slicing  around the drill hole. Put on caulking to the shower walls behindhand  the shower door channels and screw together side channels into place  with the drilled holes. This will guarantee that the screws go in  without harmful the shower stand.

Install the upper shower door track. Use the saw to cut the top shower door track to the suitable length.  Apply a thin layer of sealing adhesive to the inside mount of the top  track where it touches the side channels and press it down determinedly  on top of the channels. There is no setting up necessary for the top  track of the tempered glass shower door aside from sealing, since the  bottommost and sides of the shower door frame will keep the door  steadied.

Set up the tempered glass shower doors. Place the top wheels up into the top track, and then place the bottommost wheels into the bottom path. Softly test the shower doors,  sliding them from side to side along the length of the track. Let  sealing adhesive to dry for at least one day to before using the shower  panel or bath.