How to Install Bathroom Tubs

Nowadays homeowner has more decorative choices than ever, and  bathroom tubs are no exclusion. With the wide variety of fascinating  bathroom tubs to choose from, the tub can be the ornamental focus of the  bathroom. However, before you can relish the looks of your bathroom tub  or enjoy taking a long, hot bath, you will first have to install your  bathroom tub, a task complete much easier with a bit of information and  research beforehand. Take a look at this article to learn some handy  tips on bathroom tub installation so you're not caught improvised when  it comes time to install your decorative new tub.

Greater  tubs, such as soaking tubs, claw foot tubs and those fortified with  whirlpools and jets, are more problematic to transport for the reason  that of their size and heaviness. You may have worry fitting them  through entrances and tight spaces. Measure both the size of the  entrances and any corners or small spaces through which your tub will  have to be elated. While larger soaking tubs or claw foot tubs can be  more problematic to get to the bathroom, if you enjoy soaking in a  bathroom tub, the exertion may be well value it.

The size of a typical bathroom tubs are 65 inches long by 30 inches wide, though soaking tubs run a bit  greater. This size is capable of holding 60 gallons of water. Selecting a  normal size tub has many paybacks. These tubs will appropriate through  almost any door, are easy to buy and set up and can typically be carried  up a flight of stairs by just two people of average strength. Most tubs  use 1/4-inch pipes to supply water to the basin. This is fine for small  and standard tubs, but if you have a larger tub, a more efficient  choice is to use 3/4-inch supply lines. A large bathroom tub likewise  needs a large water heater. Otherwise, you will find the water only  tepid by the time the tub is filled. If your tub has a capacity of up to  85 gallons, you will need a water heater with a volume of 5 to 80  gallons. For luxury tubs that comprise more than 85 gallons, consider  purchasing a larger water heater.

Suburban homes naturally are built to withstand the weight of a regular tub, but a  whirlpool tub or Jacuzzi tub may be a not the same matter. Also, some talon foot  bathroom tubs, particularly metallic ones, can be far weightier than  standard fiberglass tubs. In some cases, you complete need to reinforce  the floor joists in the room. Before you begin the setting up process,  check your floor beams to see if they can endure the weight of a large  bathroom tub.