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How to Select Bathroom Tub

If you are remodeling an existing bathroom or building a brand-new  home, you will have to choose a tub for the space. When you consider  measurements, water-heater capacity and electrical outlets, picking a  tub requires planning to ensure you get the right one. One bathtub may  be perfect for an open space without a shower, while another may need to  be dropped into place against a wall. Knowing what you need ahead of  time will ensure you get the best bathtub for your space. Read over this  guide to learn how to choose a bathtub.

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Determine  whether your current water heater can handle the capacity of a new  bathroom tub, especially if you're getting one much deeper than the  original. Consult the water heater's manual to see how many gallons of  hot water it can hold at one time. Match this with the water capacity of  the potential bathtub to ensure your baths will stay hot and relaxing.

Measure  your space to ensure you buy a bathtub that will fit in your bathroom.  Measure the area where the bathtub will sit and write down the  dimensions. Also measure your door frame to make sure you can get the  bathtroom ub into the room before installation.

Fiberglass is  inexpensive, light and durable, while porcelain is heavy and resistant  to corrosion or abrasion. Cast-iron bathtubs have a long life but cost  more than other materials. Marble looks elegant and expensive, but it  has a high chance of chipping and cracking. When shopping for materials,  consider the color of the bathtub as it relates to the rest of your  bathroom's design. Tubs can come in varying shades of white and grey, or  even bright colors like pink and green.

Consult an electrician if you plan to purchase a whirlpool bathroom tub.  You'll need a grounded electrical panel and circuit in order for the  tub to run properly. If you don't have the correct electrical  conditions, you may need to have them installed professionally before  you install the whirlpool bathtub.

Consider your space when  choosing a new bathtub. Most bathrooms accommodate a traditional drop-in  bathroom tub. Others have open floor space to be used for a  free-standing bathtub, such as a claw-foot tub. Determine where your  bathtub will go and pick either a free-standing or drop-in bathtub  according to the space.

Make sure you pick up a bathroom tub that allows shower installation if you want this added feature. Not all bathtoom tubs allow for showers, so it's important to pick one that does before purchasing and installing one in your bathroom.